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Bearings produced by FAG, CX, SKF, ZKL,GPZ, NTN, URB,...

Spherical-roller thrust bearings

Series: 293.., 294..,

Their parameters are similar to those of spherical-roller radial bearings. They are used to transfer axial forces at increased rotation speed. They are mainly used in heavy industry.

Spherical-roller bearings

Series: 202.., 203.., 213.., 222.., 223.., 230.., 231.., 232.., 238.., 239.., 240.., 241..

Their parameters are similar to those of ball swivel bearings; they transfer significantly higher loads. They are used in heavy industry and engineering. They are produced in the large scope of the dimension and construction range.

Axial ball bearings

Series: NA... 511.., 512.., 513.., 514.., 522.., 523.., 524..,

They do not transfer fluctuating load. They are produced as non-reversible and reversible with demountable inner and outer rings making the assembly of the bearing easier. Double-row angular-contact ball bearings

Double-row angular-contact ball bearings

Series: 32.., 33..

Their construction corresponds to two single-row angular-contact ball bearings. They transfer fluctuating loads as well as axial load in both directions. They are used in automobile industry. Ball swivel bearings

Ball swivel bearings

Series: 12.., 13.., 22.., 23..

They transfer combined loads; they are sensitive neither to the shaft alignment nor to its deflection. They are used in engineering and agriculture.

Single-row ball bearings

Series: 60.., 62.., 63.., 64.., 160.., 161.., 617.., 618.., 619.., 622.., 623.., 630.., 638..

Considering their simple design and easy assembly they can be used in all industries. They are used at high and very high rotation speed. They do not transfer axial loads.

Bearing sets for wheels

Recommended specification 512 for the majority of automobile types

Each set includes all necessary components of the bearing joints of car axles. Nowadays, the sets are offered for up to 90% of automobile types.


Antifriction pieces

Balls, needles, rollers, spherical rollers. Except for their use in bearings, balls are also used as a separate component.


Pull rod heads

Series: SI.., SIL.., SA.., SAL..

Assembly with the integrated knuckle bearing. They can be used mainly in hydraulic units.


Knuckle bearings

Series: GE..

They enable transfer of the swivel movement together with the transfer of rotations and axial load. They transfer really high loads. They are used in agricultural machines and hydraulic devices.


Self-setting bearings

Series: UC.., SA/FD.., SB..

They are included into a bearing set.


Lineal lines

Series: KB.., KH.., LM..

It is really a precise and permanent system. They are highly used in car industry.


Ball axial bearings

Series: 811... 812..

They are used when the bearing capacity of the ball axial bearings is insufficient. They re non-reversible, i. e. you cab can transfer the axial load only in one direction.

Ball bearings

Series: N.., NF.., NP.., NU.., NUB.., NUC.., NUJ.., NJ.., NH.., NJP.., NUP.., RNU.. i RN..

Transfers very large and radial loads. They are used in the industries requiring high bearing capacity and highly precise location.

Needled housings

Series: K.., KK..

They are used in the most narrow construction areas. They transfer high loads and feature stable positioning.

Needled bearings

Series: NA... 48.., NA 49.., NA 69.., NKI.., NAO.., RNAO.., PNA.., HK.., BK..

They are used, if the required small diameter from the nod and high bearing capacity are required. They are used mainly in the fine engineering and automobile industries.

Tapered roller bearings

Series: 302.., 303.., 313.., 320.., 322.., 323.., 329.., 330.., 331.., 332...

Transfers radial as well as axial loads at the high rotation speed. Considering their features they are used in automobile industry and agriculture.